[thechat] Inbox detox

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Tue Nov 2 09:19:40 CDT 2010

Hi Mohan - I use a similar technique to Ron
I'm using Outlook on Win 7.

	- I organize all of my correspondence into project related folders.
	- I sort each folder by receipt/sent date (newest on top).
	- I move any project related *sent* email to the proper project
folder so I have all correspondence in a single place.

I try and check my mail at least daily (usually more often) and about once a
week I'll go thru in and sent boxes organising an mail I want kept. The rest
I delete. I probably purge deleted mails once a month - just in case I
deleted something by mistake :)

I also have mail filters in place that sorts some mail on arrival - eg
thelist, theforum, and thechat are moved into their own folders.

I also use AutoArchive into an archive.pst file everything older than 6
months - this has the same folder structure as my main Outlook. Every so
often I'll start an new archive file and rename the old one something like
Jan2010-Jul2010.pst and move it onto my NAS.

I also backup all my mail folders overnight onto my NAS (my laptop runs
pretty much 24/7 in its docking station) using Acronis software.
About once a month I manually sync my NAS with file copies on Amazon S3
which I use for off-site . I use the free Cloudberry software.

And do you know what? I can't remember the last time I had to look in my
archive for something!

If you have 10,000 mails in your folder I respectfully suggest that you are
never going to read them all, and if you do they are probably irrelevant by
now. Why don't you put them all into an archive file and start a new regime
with a fresh clean empty inbox!




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