[thechat] Tweets like a...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Jan 31 07:40:21 CST 2011

Mohan Arun L asked:

>>How would you complete the following sentences...

Hi Mohan,

>>He tweets like a ... _____ ...

The lyrics to "Shaft" were the first thing I thought of ... "bad mother<shut your mouth>"

>>A ________ of tweets?

Hey, if you have an interest in collective nouns I would recommend the surprisingly captivating "An Exaltation of Larks".  I have enjoyed my copy.  I'm sure it's still available on Amazon.

>>What would you call a competition between twitterers
>>on who has more followers and who has greater readership?

Hmmm ... "Sad"? 


Have Big Fun,

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