[thechat] A question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Jan 31 07:40:21 CST 2011

>>The best thing is to be honest. There's nothing wrong with saying you think
>>there's a language barrier and you're having difficulty understanding.

Heh.  I once overheard a coworker of mine having an extraordinary amount of difficulty on a call with software tech support.  For reasons I still don't understand he wanted to make sure he could get back to the same tech if he had any issues implementing the recommended solution.  So he asked for the tech's name.  And the tech told him.  And he asked again.  And the tech told him again.  Then he made the tech SPELL his name ... because he still couldn't understand it.  The tech's name?

Jim Smith

... with VERY thick South'n accent.



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