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Most of these providers can integrate or synchronize with your directory service or SSO. Regarding ownership, I have not personally reviewed the terms and conditions of services like Google apps for business, but I would be surprised if the service could exist in the market if the terms and conditions said anything about Google owning the content on Google drive, for example. Have you reviewed these and are you saying that the content is owned by Google? Make sure you were looking at the terms and conditions for the paid business account version of the service.—
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On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 8:47 AM, Luther, Ron <Ron.Luther at hp.com> wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> Got a question on these 'cloudy collaboration' apps like Google Drive.
> How do larger scale companies work with these things without getting burned?
> I can understand that a big company like "Acme Limited" might be able to strike a deal with the cloudy provider that says that they 'own' all of the content on every [name]@Amce_Limited.com account that gets set up and maybe they even have control panel access to shut down editing and deleting in cases of employee departure or termination.
> But I also know that, over time, application of these set up and use 'rules' gets more and more lax.  So that eventually some Acme Limited employees will set up [name]@Yahoo.com accounts on the cloudy provider app that they end up using for Acme Limited business.  Heck, in some cases T&C limitations on the number of accounts they can have may force them into doing things like that.
> Is there any control?  Does anyone care?  Has the last horse left the barn?
> Cheerily,
> RonL.
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