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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Oct 22 19:39:32 CDT 2001

> I don't know how to articulate exactly, but the lack of any sort of
> unified steering group is disconcerting to me.  I am accustomed to
> working in situations where there is a single group or rotating
> members (BoD or exec committee) -- a core group at the helm, everyone
> in certain roles.

That steering group is the voting group. The voting community decides the
direction of evolt.org.

Leadership of process implementation is handled within the process group.
Similarly with the action group. Or the administrative group.

> It seems odd to establish a BOD and at the same time make them only
> marginally relevant.

How is that odd? Their responsibility is restricted to finance/legal.

> Financial stuff and "community progress" are linked.

Not necessarily. Our direction is not limited by our financial position in
that much of our progression relies on volunteer efforts. Right?

> The looseness of this proposal is troublesome.  For example:

Tighten it up then. :)

> <q>I'd suggest that we work on establishing a voting membership.</q>
> How?  Who decides?  How do things get done?  How do we piggyback?

Database of registered members. We start with what we have now (this list).
Members are admitted by a vote from existing members (as mentioned in my

Things get done by the process and action groups by the direction of the
voting group, and/or in the spirit of the evolt.org charter.

I don't understand your reference to "piggybacking".


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