[Theforum] Rambling, was: Barriers -- let's talk philosophically

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Garrett's post struck a chord with me, and I think you may have
misinterpreted it. When I came to evolt.org I didn't give much thought to
'how it was run' but after while it became obvious that some of the posters
were administrative types. I always want to be involved, but I felt exactly
the way Garrett worded it - but what that means to me is that these folks
already had things in hand, and maybe they don't need some outsider/newbie
trying to push his way in. I don't see that as a negative comment, just a
reflection of my ALWAYS feeling like an outsider, whatever the group is. My
'serf-ness' makes admin LOOK like a castle, when in fact, they're making it
clear now that they're the village square, and if we want to come join in
we're welcome.


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> > Before hand I wouldn't have had an idea about approaching admin about
> > how to get more involved. I think I would have felt like a peasant
> > storming the castle (I'm only speaking for my personal POV here).
> I want to say this even though it probably doesn't have to be said. I
> have learned though that even when you think everyone is on the same
> page that sometimes they aren't. So, I just want to say this and to say
> it especially to Garrett but also to anyone else who feels this way.
> There is no castle here. There are no peasants.
> What there has always been since the beginning is a group of people who
> willingly took on the task of building a community that would be
> different. I have never seen this group of people act in boastful or
> lording manner in regards to their position as facilitators.
> I'm rambling and I think I don't know how to say what I really want to
> say. Please forgive me.
> I participate in a number of different communities online -- all run in
> different manners. Sometimes, I wish I was a part of the group which ran
> the show but in most cases that's just not possible. That's just the way
> things are. However, I'm in control of my participation in those
> communities. I can try to cross the moat or I can go elsewhere where my
> input makes a bigger impact. Again... I'm rambling.
> I guess it just... frankly, what it boils down to is that it hurts my
> feelings when I hear the admin group as a whole being disparaged. It
> makes me feel sad that there's people who feel "left out". I guess I'm
> just cynical. I assume apathy is the norm unless pointed out otherwise.
> I wish I could mandate some respect for the way things got to where they
> got which does include much participation of members outside of admin.
> Although, I'm not suggesting that criticism is not allowed. I guess I
> just needed to respond to a specific note of criticism because this is
> just how I feel.
> There is no castle. There is no king.
> - amanda
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