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Mon Oct 29 14:39:01 CST 2001

HOO hah (quoting my son, who you really should meet.)

The following comments have been on my mind all weekend. Rudy used my word,
and Ron's and mantruc's comments kind of helped coalesce the thought:

I confess. I'm the poster who wrote (on the Webmonkey list, 8-9 months ago)
that Webmonkeys thinking of joining would find excellent info from
great people, but that conversations on evolt were 'quicker to descend into
vitriol' than on Webmonkey.

What really happend was that, during my first exposure to evolt, a
Particular Poster (still with us) seemed, over a period of a few weeks, to
be more interested in showing how smart they were than in actually helping
someone. The surprised comments of some evolt admins made me stop and think,
and I came back trying to be less thin-skinned, willing to give it some more
time. I've realized since then that it was a brief eruption, and even that
PP seems more conciliatory of late.

So I guess what I'm saying is
1) yeah, there's some emotion on theforum right now, but I don't doubt that
it's well-intentioned passion, and NOT arrogance or anything negative
2) I was wrong - evolt is a nice community and I'm really glad to be here.

evolt is giving birth to something new. I attended all four of my children's
births, and there was some yelling (and ooh; just a bit of vitriol) there,
too. Birth isn't easy. Growing pains are pains, but they're growth,


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> rudy wrote:
> > i would like to take this opportunity to assure any non-admins who
> > subscribed to theforum list in the hope that they would have a chance to
> > influence where evolt is headed that we are not usually so
> >
> > as you may know there has been some heated discussion amongst the admins
> > to how to open up the leadership to new people
> >
> > i don't think anybody disputes this objective (opening up the leadership
> > new people), but the hangup at the moment seems to be just how to do
> right, it's VERY embarassing to see the only things that have been
> showed from admin are the worst ever. after three years of doing the
> work in an environment of trust and respect (with lots fo love), it's
> frustrating to see this...
> > in that regard, it would really help matters if a few more non-admins
> > would speak up and share your thoughts
> +1
> it's important to see what you think
> thanks garret and spinhead, your messages have been very eye-opening,
> and i apolologize
> for my share of responsibility in allowing you to feel as outsiders
> spinhead:
> i also tend to have that feeling of being an outsider no matter what
> group i talk about,
> that's why in my presentation for the codefesters i wrote that when
> evolt was formed "i just happened to be there" but this weekend, digging
> those backups of the statement, i realize it was not such :)
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