[Theforum] culture-differences (was: Roll Call - Madhu)

Javier Velasco [mantruc] javier at msm.cl
Tue Oct 30 15:51:47 CST 2001

Scott Dexter wrote:

> Can ya guys help me out then, and point it out (offlist) when I do it?
> While embarrassed that I do it, I'd like not to, but need help (the fun
> of living in your own box sometimes)

okey-dokey :o)

> of course, there's nuthin like countering with Chilean or Indian
> references! I wanna hear em =)

like: completos, humitas, empanadas and pastel de choclo?

i writing about it, just don't do it enough...
i'm the web's lousiest blogger, one post a month, LOL

i had written a nice piece about one of my morning bus-rides to the job,
full of visual cues, but it was lost in the m.e.o. haxor attack

(lesson leaned: write local -> save -> publish to web)

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