[Theforum] survey first draft

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Fri Nov 2 13:05:23 CST 2001

> http://members.evolt.org/djc/evolt/surveydraft.html

My notes:

+ The question about being anonymous should have a link to a page
explaining our privacy policy for the questionaire.

+ Will the user be able to "check all that apply"? The second question
makes me think of that -- it would be nice to know if someone felt they
had heard of evolt from a number of different places

+ Now I'm getting granular -- someone with more experience with these
things might be able to offer some insight -- the question "What part of
evolt.org do you use the most?" seems like it would be cool to have a
"1-5" answer possibility. 

+ "How would you rate your involvement in the evolt.org community?" I
wonder if "read the site" should be separate from "read the list and
respond" but maybe that's covered in the previous question?

+ "Are you interested in purchasing evolt.org clothing (i.e. tshirts,
caps)?" I think this should go into a separate area, maybe one in which
we specify that we are talking about business stuff and not community
stuff. This question sticks out like a sore thumb to me. I also think
that the suggestion (Madhu's?) that we ask about cost rather than want
might be more interesting.

+ "In one sentence, how would you define/explain Evolt.org to others?"
The only problem here is that we gave them the answer up in the
beginning where we have that joke question. Remove the joke and this one
will become more interesting I think.

+ "How often to you read the www.evolt.org site?" We're missing: (f)

+ "What do you enjoy most out of the www.evolt.org site? (Check all that
apply)" Add: "comment features".

+ "Are there any features or enhancements that you'd like to see on the
lists.evolt.org website?" I think we should link to it here,

+ Demographics, each of these should have a "prefer not to answer"
checkbox, I think: Age: ____ enter age; Sex: xMale, xFemale; Location:
_____ city, ____ state or province, ___ country; Do you consider
yourself a: xDesigner, xProgrammer, xOther.

+ Someone mentioned getting skillset/software information -- that would
be cool. Maybe this is on Ron's page... Better go look.

- amanda

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