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> Isn't this exactly the kind of question that should be addressed AFTER a
> survey? 

Broken sample.  No non-anglophones are being surveyed :-)

> But why don't we wait until we know something's broken before we work too
> hard to fix it. 

How are you going to find out if it's broken or not? Broken sample.  
No non-anglophones are being surveyed :-)

Slightly more seriously, all of us have seen a significant (where
'significant' != 'large') number of posts to thelist in - if memory
serves - 

	* Spanish
	* French
	* Portuguese
	* Cantonese/Big5 

All of them have made an appearance during 2001.  (Yes, I do have an
Outlook folder with >26,000 msgs in it, thanks for asking.) Though the 
last of those was definitely along the lines of 'quit sending me 
all this foreign alphabet crap'.  Heh.

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