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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 13 01:15:55 CST 2001

Warden, Matt wrote on 13/11/01 1:43 am

(Separating the "Do we want this?" question from the
"How do we do it and how much work is it?" one)

>I really am against not having a primary language on our site. I'm all for
>articles in different languages, 

Fine, so that's a +1 to the principle, right?


> If you want to change
>that, the change should be a gradual move into translations in other

...which is implementation detail - how we make the transition.

So if we can get the implementation detail right without unduely
damaging the experience of those who don't read other languages,
you're supportive?

Given the background of a number of people here in User
Experience, that shouldn't be impossible.


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