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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Nov 13 10:32:47 CST 2001

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|  What we do need to do is dig up articles with low readership, but which
| have genuine merit in them. Then we need to circulate them on the home
| page. I believe something like this was being discussed on thesite a while
| back. What happened, folks?

On the test server ... http://test.evolt.org/

Jeff/Matt will need to explain how the ariticles are chosen.

Personally, I *really* dislike where this appears on the home page.
However, there haven't been any additional suggestions ... and the sidebar
was ruled out a while ago.  I'd like to see this at the top .. but different
than just a regular article... in a box or something.  I dunno, don't really
have any suggestions, nor the time to code them this week.  ;)

| Perhaps within categories, we can have a "Sort by rating" option in
| addition to the "Sort by date" that's currently in place.

-1  Only works for articles with ratings .. and there are LOTS, from
pre-V.2, that have never been rated.  :(

| And how about a "Random article of the day" option? :)
| I remember the "old" days of the Web in 1994-95 when I'd love to go to a
| random site on Yahoo!

Isn't this the same as above. ?  Article revival?


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