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javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Wed Nov 14 12:08:18 CST 2001

isaac wrote:

> > (as said before) i volunteer to translate spanish articles to english
> > (as long as i'm available)
> What about English to Spanish if you've got some spare time? :)

that's slower: verbs, gender and articles are easier to wipe off that to
fix in :(
if i had more spare time i could, but nowdays i can't

> Are all of your co-workers as fluent with English as yourself?

no, most of them can read though
i do have a colleague who'se versed in english, (she's subbed to thelist)
but she's not as much as a writer as i am (trying hard not to pun)

i was actually asked last monday by some folks from spain to translate some

IA material from english to spanish, i'll send link to thelist once they're
published (the english version)

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