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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 15 15:52:29 CST 2001

Bob Davis wrote on 15/11/01 7:58 pm

>We, in general are considered a great source, and there are a few of 
>the authors who are considered "very smart people who can write". 
>What do we do to get the evolt.org author = "VSPWCW" link established?

A couple of things:
1) If we spot VSPWCWs, encourage them to write
2) If we have VWPs who can't write, support them with the writing
    as happens with many factual(1) books, either overtly co-written or
    just very, very well edited
3) If we have PWCWs, help them develop their knowledge so that
     they can write on stuff which matters. Or pair them with subject
     matter experts, as in (2) above.


(1) And fiction too, but less often. It's often said that the job of
editor on a Jeffrey Archer novel was to ensure that not a word of
tortured, unexpurgated Archer never reached the bookshops

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