[Theforum] From suggestions to action

javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Mon Dec 17 06:08:30 CST 2001

1."more visibility to the various facets of evolt.org", general
navigation between the
     subsites (i'm working on it), also we could use a wider scope
homepage for
     evolt.org, including info from all parts.
     I'm considering to get the tips again into this general menu, given
the relevance of
     tips in the survey results. I'm also considering to add the "food"
site there too. Is it
     still in a beta stage?
  2."tips sometimes get posted that are plain wrong" does it make sense
to make the
     tips editable?
  3.(paraphrased) "put what evolt.org is back at the top" i'm thinking
of putting the
     members' definitions (filter some) in the top, ramdomized.
  4."go back to the old way of displaying tips" that is several per
page, browsabe.
     there wera also lots of people asking for more power on the search
for tips.
  5."links to evolt members websites would be kinda cool" besides the
member pages
     on the articles' site, there could be a bigger member page on
m.e.o., searchable and
     browsable. - IMO it should be required that every member using the
     services should make his project public to the evolt community, we
can use 'project
     cards' to classify and search member porjects too.
  6."reusable code snippets" it could be solved by an index of code
snippets on the
     members' site, each member submits his code snips into an info
card, linking it to
     his m.e.o. site, infor cards are searchable and browsable, both by
language and
  7."article sub-categories" - already under discussion on theforum: i
can see a
     headache coming by the time we get to design the navigation for
this, lol.
  8."tutorials for beginners" - hmm
  9."evaluating websites" - i think we also thought of doing this
 10."a link to all jobs (questionable UE to be able to see only "most
recent")" IMO job
     submissions need to be organized (although not excluseively) by
date, ols jobs are
     supposed to be alredy taken.
 11."i feel like the 3 main headers (recent jobs, highest rated
articles, hot discussions)
     should be links to main pages of same topics" i agree, we were
working on this, but
     somehow dropped the ball. i remeber seeing a page of more high
rated articles.
 12."I'd like to see us start a program..." fantastic idea! the one i
most liked, ok who
     was it? :) this is a long term thing though, let's keep it, but not
drop it. it reappeared
     in other comments too.
 13.(paraphrased) "couldn't find the hosting area" - should be solved in
the new
     architecture (seem the map).
 14."draw more attention to teh site from thelist", nice: what if each
mail alert showed
     the 5 latest published articles' headlines?
 15.(paraphrased) "use list discussions to write articles" right, we
could motivat the
     people who have aksed a question and found a good solution to their
problems to
     make an article out of it.
 16."more actual tutorials" how?
 17."better format, bulleted lists, bold headers" improve contrast on
Info Design", got
 18."Have more specific browser knowledge available" currently under
discussion on
 19."a quick and dirty chat would be great" do we want to spread the
word with the
     chat? IMO it could open for too much noise, maybe different rooms?
one bad thing
     would be to get discussions into the chat and out of thelist and
site could make
     bright ideas unarchived :(
 20."searching the articles very difficult to find exaclty what i am
looking for"  search
     tips on advaced search page.
 21.(paraphrased) "member review of hosts they have experience with"
nice, in
 22."if i could just make a $1 donation in lieu of a tip" + "hurry up
with that nfp corp so
     we can start taking paypal" we should take elfur's offer. still we
don't need the NFP
     status before starting donations, we could point to dan's account -
i can tell he won't
     run away with the cash :)
 23.thelist searching problems... "the output seems to be the entire day
of message" did
     he get to a digest message? check list archives info design
 24."photos of writers next to the bylines" "more recognition" it's on
it's way :)

Javier Velasco
Information Architect

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