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Mon Dec 17 13:23:35 CST 2001

thanks for the update dean
i'll document them when i can

Dean Mah wrote:

> "javier velasco (mantruc)" writes:
> >   2. "tips sometimes get posted that are plain wrong" does it make
> >      sense to make the tips editable?
> The tips are editable to people on admin.  And classifiable.  But no
> one has the time to do it.
> >   4. "go back to the old way of displaying tips" that is several per
> >      page, browsabe.  there wera also lots of people asking for more
> >      power on the search for tips.
> This has already been done.  The search was broken until Michelle
> pointed it out to me.  It is fixed now.  Also, searching the body of
> tip is case-sensitive for the time being.
> >  20. "searching the articles very difficult to find exaclty what i am
> >      looking for" search tips on advaced search page.
> We should get the article bodies into CLOBs instead of LONGs.  It will
> make it easier to search.
> Dean
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