[Theforum] webby & list issues

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Fri Dec 21 17:28:26 CST 2001

Maybe I should elaborate, rather than bouncing back an unpleasant comment.

There is a certain amount of crossover in many of the lists right 
now, and what list is for what purpose is still nebulous & somewhat 

And annoyed as one may have been by the tone of the original email, I 
found the response extra offensive.  I'm not liking it when people 
get yelled at for things that have never been particularly clear 
and/or achieved consensus.

Apologies for letting up on my practice of active detachment from the 
dysfunction that sometimes takes over this group.

As for the webby stuff & others, I'll contribute money to this and 
similar causes when Evolt has its own nonprofit account, managed by 
the elected treasurer.



>  > However, discussion of what behaviour is appropriate in
>>  an evolt public forum and how to handle it are the job
>>  of admin.
>who died and elected you the guy who says what this list is for?
>admin at lists.evolt.org is for articles and email. should i put it as the
>footer so we don't have to repeat that every two weeks?


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