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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Dec 28 09:26:34 CST 2001

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From: "Martin" <martin at members.evolt.org>

| On Friday, December 28, 2001, at 05:39  am, Michele Foster wrote:
| > I've had conversations with Martin on this subject in private in the
| > past.
| Actually, no. You've made public demands that

Your interpretation of "public" and mine are different.

"Demands" is a little harsh too don't ya think?

In my opinion, I was talking to the people in the room at the time .. you
were one of them .. so, yeah, if you want to think that's a public forum ..

| 1) #evolt be the only evolt public space which isn't publically archived,
|       despite having pushed very hard for other evolt private spaces be
|       publically archived. If you don't believe in evolt public spaces
| being
|       open, then please make it a two-way street and introduce a vote for
|      *all* evolt public spaces to be unarchived. I'm easy either way, as
| long
|      as it's fair and consistent.

Martin, you're missing my point .. I asked that the instructions to have
thepfy go away, be reinstated.

If I'm in a room, I want to talk to those people.

Don't forget totc .. it's a private evolt space .. for old time admin
members that still wish to discuss things of a more personal nature among
those trusted friends.  So, no, not everything evolt.org *is* archived and
available to all the public.

So, let me ask you this .. is one of your reasons for thepfy so that you
*can* make log the conversations and post them as publically available
conversations?  I think everyone that uses IRC has a right to know this.  It
is no different than knowing if the Admin or TOTC archives are open to the
public or not.

| 2) thepfy be treated differently from thebot. Again, I don't see the
| logic
|      in this.

Depends what you plan to do with the archives.  Which I'm really starting to
wonder now.  John H. has had thebot for a very long time, I'm sure he's
logged some very interesting conversations over the past year.

For the record, I've no problem banning thebot from the room as well .. if
you think that's necessary.

You may or may not have noticed, that Eliza is now gone .. Dean took her
away.  That's too bad, she was funny... and she was a real learning
experience for Dean.  Oh well.   Since her original purpose for creation was
to log official meetings, and tabulate votes, she's not needed anymore.

If you want to play with your bot .. that's fine .. but please do reinstate
the "kill" commands.


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