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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 28 14:07:08 CST 2001

On Friday, December 28, 2001, at 03:26  pm, Michele Foster wrote:

> Don't forget totc .. it's a private evolt space .. for old time admin
> members that still wish to discuss things of a more personal nature 
> among
> those trusted friends.  So, no, not everything evolt.org *is* archived 
> and
> available to all the public.

Everything which the public can join is. The public can join #evolt,
so it's a public space. And it's not called #evolt-totc, or 
or #evolt-michele but just #evolt. Public space.

If you want a separate area to be private in, sure, have one. But
that's not #evolt.

I would remind you that this community was started partially as a
result of a desire to archive discussions in a public forum - being
open and archived is an evolt founding principle, which you've been
happy to push for everyone else, yet when it's *your* conversations,
you go all coy and want to keep everything hidden and closed.

Please - be consistent with this.

> So, let me ask you this .. is one of your reasons for thepfy so that you
> *can* make log the conversations and post them as publically available
> conversations?

Michele, why are you asking this?

It's exactly the same as asking Dan "Is one of your reasons for
hosting meo email accounts so you can log the content and post
them publically?" Actually, that's more likely, as I live in a country
with real data protection legislation which the US doesn't have.

And why ask it *again*?

You and others have asked me almost a dozen times already
and the answer hasn't changed.

Every single time I've said "For troubleshooting

How many times have those archives been posted publicly?
Sum total: zero

I don't take action like posting logs publicly without instruction
from theforum (admin before that) to do so. That's my ethical
standard and has always been. I don't know whose standard
you're judging this on, but it's not mine.

If theforum wishes #evolt to be like every other evolt public space,
I'm happy to publish logs. If theforum wishes #evolt to be unlike
other evolt public spaces, I'll maintain the logs privately for
troubleshooting purposes as I do now.

> I think everyone that uses IRC has a right to know this.  It
> is no different than knowing if the Admin or TOTC archives are open to 
> the
> public or not.

If theforum wishes #evolt to be archived like every other evolt public 
I'm 100% happy for it to be stated in the FAQ.

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