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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 28 17:15:20 CST 2001

On Friday, December 28, 2001, at 08:52  pm, Ron Dorman wrote:

>  Is there any possibility that it may stop here?

OK, we can close this down with a few decisions by theforum.

This replaces Elfur's proposal, based on concerns raised
by several people today. It will ensure that:
1) No-one is archived without their knowledge
2) Everyone knows what #evolt archives are used for
3) Bot owners have an evolt space to play and learn in
     without annoying anyone else, and all bot owners are
     treated equally
4) Anyone who wants a private space can have one.
5) #evolt is consistent with the rest of evolt's public spaces
6) evolt has an IRC channel it can promote as much as it
     likes without being worried about what Jo Newuser finds there

Here are the items, which aren't mutually exclusive. The first item
is a +/-1 vote with "if yes, then A or B", the others are
simple +/-1 ones.

1) Does evolt have an IRC channel? If so:
Option A:
     The channel is a public evolt channel called #evolt which follows 
the same rules
     as the rest of evolt's public spaces, which is to say, the same 
     of behaviour and the same public archiving[1].
     If the only way to archive this is with a bot, the bot will be
     clearly identified as such, and will not respond to other users on
     the channel. No other bots will be permitted in this channel.
     No previous archives held by bot owners may be made public.
     Standards of behaviour will be maintained by a number of ops in
     a range of timezones[2].
Option B:
     All other evolt public spaces join #evolt in being unarchived,
     including thelist, thechat, thesite, thetips, theforum and Admin.

2) Evolt members who want a private discussion can start one or more
     private channels where they can have their own privacy and their own
     standards of behaviour and archiving rules. The only evolt interest 
in this is
     that it is not labelled with a name which associates it with evolt.

3) There will be a public evolt IRC channel for evolt members to try out
      and interact with bots. This will also follow evolt standards of 
     and bot owners may archive this if they choose. This channel will be 
     #evolt-bots or something similar. If you go there, you know that a 
lot of
     the chatter will be with, from or about bots and that you may or may 
     be logged.

Archiving background: Evolt has a policy of being open, and this openness
is generally agreed to by all. This was the reason why Admin and theforum
are both archived. All other evolt spaces which anyone can join are also

Although not part of the vote, my initial suggestions would be
* Jeff
* Michele
* Dan
* Adrian
* Elfur
* Garrett
* Madhu
but this group could and arguably should grow to include other
responsible regular IRC users
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