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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Dec 28 17:38:44 CST 2001

Gotta love democracy :)

Let me vote again.

At 04:45 AM 12/29/2001, Martin typed these words:

>1) Does evolt have an IRC channel? If so:


>Option A:
>     The channel is a public evolt channel called #evolt which follows the 
> same rules
>     as the rest of evolt's public spaces, which is to say, the same standard
>     of behaviour and the same public archiving[1].


>2) Evolt members who want a private discussion can start one or more
>     private channels where they can have their own privacy and their own
>     standards of behaviour and archiving rules. The only evolt interest 
> in this is
>     that it is not labelled with a name which associates it with evolt.

A BIG +1 to this. I encourage people to start their own chatrooms. I've 
done this a few times when I wanted to brainstorm stuff with geographically 
distant colleagues.

>3) There will be a public evolt IRC channel for evolt members to try out
>      and interact with bots. This will also follow evolt standards of 
> behaviour,
>     and bot owners may archive this if they choose. This channel will be 
> called
>     #evolt-bots or something similar. If you go there, you know that a lot of
>     the chatter will be with, from or about bots and that you may or may not
>     be logged.

Sounds like a good idea. +1

This will a) get rid of the bots from the main room and b) let people try 
out their programming skills in a non-hazardous manner :)


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