[Theforum] settle, children + moving ahead with survey results

javier Velasco javier at mantruc.com
Sun Dec 30 11:30:40 CST 2001

matt wrote:
There's no need to be discussing this issue with 100 emails filled with
passionate name-calling and whatnot... I mean, this issue affects how many
people? 10? 20? Lke 20 people use #evolt out of 8000 or so members. Wtf?

And, meanwhile, messages about evolt's IA project and my question about
the future of the survey results get lost in the mix. These issues affect
our entire membership.

i agree with you matt, this issue does not desderve such amount of attention

martin, you're right, once the vote is done the subject is over, but we still
have to solve our problems

thanks rudy, madhu and dan on the feedback for the artilce announcement list,
i think we're going on the right direction...

what do you think about the list for tips?

matt, the results of the survey have been taken into account for my IA maps,
i'm considering to write an explanation for each page, since the sole boxes
is too abstract to explain all that's presented there

there are other ideas for the survey that require a more time, and i have them
on my queue

i also want to do a map of the community based on the survey results, showing
how many members there are from each country, the age and sex distribution
on pie charts. i expect this map to motivate other members who didn't take part

on the survey to want to appear on the map and send their data, throught the
member pages.

the member pages is one ball i wouldn't like us to drop!

what i've not analyzed too much and is something we need to discuss as a group
is the skills/interests part...

cheers from a hot hot day


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