[Theforum] settle, children + moving ahead with survey results

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Sun Dec 30 13:30:28 CST 2001

From: "javier Velasco" <javier at mantruc.com>
| thanks rudy, madhu and dan on the feedback for the artilce announcement
| i think we're going on the right direction...


| what do you think about the list for tips?

i like that one as well.

| matt, the results of the survey have been taken into account for my IA
| i'm considering to write an explanation for each page, since the sole
| is too abstract to explain all that's presented there

since i haven't said so until now, the work you've done so far is very
good, javier.
an explanation would help, cause that's where the thoughts can be described

| there are other ideas for the survey that require a more time, and i have
| on my queue


| i also want to do a map of the community based on the survey results,
| how many members there are from each country, the age and sex
| on pie charts. i expect this map to motivate other members who didn't
take part

nostalgia :)
i still like that idea :)
didn't isaac have something up his sleeve that could do, at least partly ?

| the member pages is one ball i wouldn't like us to drop!

don't think anyone wants to drop it, it's just a matter of proper
definition and then enthusiasm i guess :)

| what i've not analyzed too much and is something we need to discuss as a
| is the skills/interests part...

you mean the skills/interests on the members pages? or something else?

| cheers from a hot hot day

and reversed here:
cheers from a cold cold cold day :)


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