[Theforum] the evolt.org logo

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Fri Jan 4 12:18:37 CST 2002

Hi Rick:

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the community very much.

However, we can't publish your version of the logo because it's not
accurate enough, let me explain: the image you did has reversed the
order of the elements (cubes + name) and put them at the same size. Our
logo was designed in a particular layout, and as the central element of
our identity, such propotions should remain consistent everywhere.

I really don't want to turn off your enthusiasm. We have to protect our
logo's consistency, and while it's acceptable that you put your version
on your member site, we can't publish it as an official evolt.org logo
on our FAQ.

Sorry for the confusion (Michele asked you for it, so now I'm explaining
you the problem)

Hoping you can understand.

- on behalf of evolt.org -

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