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Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Mon Jan 14 05:17:17 CST 2002

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At 22:49 13/01/2002, isaac wrote:
> > However, I think Joel's Checkbox solution for Jeff's "Where the hell
> > *was* that thing" use-case makes a lot of sense, perhaps with Articles
> > and Comments checked by default..?
>Worth considering further.
>At the very least, our current 3 search boxes could be changed to 2.
>Articles & Comments, and Users.

Not 100% certain that we want the performance hit of full-text searching on 
comments as well as articles by default. Might not make a big difference 
right now, but certainly later it could pose a problem. I guess this might 
be where we need to start thinking about the great search engine 
usability/performance debate.

Also, what's the point if a user *knows* that they're searching for a 
comment? I certainly don't want spurious returns from articles when I'm 
looking for a comment. Searching should be about offering the user the 
greatest granularity possible without adding clutter to the UI. We really 
don't want to restrict options.

I'm 100% for the checkboxes though.


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