[Theforum] Discussing evolt.org's IA

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Mon Jan 14 08:20:10 CST 2002

spinhead wrote:

> and a big plus one to that. That was a lot of work, and you're a volunteer
> and all that, so that's very cool.

but hey joel, we're all volunteering at evolt.org (unless nobody told me
and that's why i'm not getting my check, jaja)

plus, we're only starting, i really wish i could 'freeze' my job for a
couple of weeks to document all the stuff inside my head about the

> ¡Tan fuerte!

so strong?
> joel (aka 'girapista' [is that right?])

spinhead, as plain [ spin - head ] would be 'cabeza de giro' o 'cabeza
que gira'
now if there's another particular meaning for spinehad, explain it to me
and i'll try to translate it

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Information Architect @ Chile
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