[Theforum] why join?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Jan 15 14:30:49 CST 2002

Marlene .. hmm, yeah .. it used to be there.  Not sure where it ended up.
I'll see if I can dig through some old material later this week and find it.
(might just be commented out).

btw, this belongs on thesite please .. actions and stuff to do should go
over there.  Really helps those of us that are working on thesite to keep
our action task lists in order.  Your messages for the tips layout and user
name title tag, should go over there too.  (Yeah, I know there's a lot of
cross-over members .. it seriously makes it easier knowing its an action to
do  ;)

I cc'd this over there, so I'll remember to do it.   :)


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From: "Marlene Bruce" <marlene at digitizethis.com>

| Hey all,
| http://evolt.org/user/index.html?action=signup
| I believe in some former incarnation, this page answered the
| question, "Why join?"
| We need to put that info back in, and at the top above the form
| fields. If I were a new visitor who happened to click the "Join" link
| and got this page, I wouldn't have any idea why joining would be of
| benefit to me.

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