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are you talking about adding another page to report usability issues?

Hi Javier,

Yes.  My first impression was that you were designing a page accessible
from the main evolt site to allow anyone to report a usability problem
... and I was reviewing it in that context ... until I finally figured
out that I was all wet and that you meant something entirely different!

But the question remains ... should we have a separate vehicle for folks
to report 'evolt usability issues'?

Today - if a really active evolt member finds a bug somewhere in the
site, they either (a) fix it themselves, (b) report it to a 'god-min',
or (c) post it to Theforum or TheSite.

Now, if a less active member comes across an issue ... or if a
non-member surfs in from google and finds an issue ... what happens?
How can they let us know about it?  The only thing I see on the main
page to allow them to report a problem is the "contact evolt" link.
[Which I just checked.  Entering a return email address is a *required*
field here - which I'm thinking may deter someone not familiar with how
friendly we are from bringing something to our attention that we need to
know about. {Yes - they could put in a dummy value - but why make it
that hard for them to help us?}]

I'm not sure what the 'best way' to implement something like this would
be.  It could be as simple as making the return email address an
optional field.  Alternatively, we could put up a second "Find a bug?
Report it here" link, or something completely different.  It may not be
the most important thing going on at the moment - but I think it
deserves a little discussion.


<some suggestions for the drop-downs:>

for l.e.o. -- (1) how 'bout adding "I forgot my password so I can't log
into the site"?   [Because I have and I can't!]
l.e.o. -- (2) spelling on "receiving"
l.e.o. -- (3) temporary disable for vacation ... I'm going to be out of
the office for 3 days but don't want to spam the lists with
'out-of-office' autoresponses.

for m.e.o. -- (1) since Perl and Python require separate 'activation'
from Dan to work on an account, a "Perl doesn't work" item might be good
to add.
m.e.o. -- (2) spelling on "access".
m.e.o. -- (3) something about rwx Apache permissions.  Maybe "My
uploaded file gives an access error" or something like that.

Hmmm ... at the bottom or top of each page - maybe an explanation of
what's going to happen to the form they are about to submit ....  "This
form will be emailed to xxxx who will do a rain dance and send you a


[Yeah - I hear ya - me correcting anyone's spelling is definitely the
pot calling the kettle black!]


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