[Theforum] evolt-ia: contact pages

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 17 15:20:28 CST 2002

> From: "Luther, Ron" <Ron.Luther at compaq.com>
> Now, if a less active member comes across an issue ... or if a
> non-member surfs in from google and finds an issue ... what happens?

contact form, like any other site...

> How can they let us know about it?  The only thing I see on the main
> page to allow them to report a problem is the "contact evolt" link.

which seems more than adequate...

> [Which I just checked.  Entering a return email address is a
> *required* field here - which I'm thinking may deter someone not
> familiar with how friendly we are from bringing something to our
> attention that we need to know about. {Yes - they could put in a dummy
> value - but why make it that hard for them to help us?}]

because we don't want too much spam...

if someone's gonna take the time to find the form to enter a bug 
about the site, doncha think they might enter foo at foo.com as well?

> I'm not sure what the 'best way' to implement something like this
> would be.  It could be as simple as making the return email address an
> optional field.  Alternatively, we could put up a second "Find a bug?
> Report it here" link, or something completely different.  It may not
> be the most important thing going on at the moment - but I think it
> deserves a little discussion.

yes, it does...

however, let's not let the recent talk of evolt's ui write-up cause us 
to over-engineer everything...

to date, we've had pretty good responses on bugs in a pretty timely 
fashion... i'd say we're doing well...

if we can be sure a new form will make it even better, then it's a no-

but if we're suggesting this just because we're trying to be all ui-
friendly all of a sudden now that the spotlight's on us, i'm not really 
buying into that...

otherwise we can start a slide where we try to over-engineer every 
aspect of the site (do we offer different article submission pages 
based on type of article?  do we offer a new contact form to follow 
up on grrrs?, etc.)...

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