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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sat Jan 19 13:51:25 CST 2002


So, what's your response?

A few points I'd like to make.

Does this person realize that evolt.org is solely 100% created, designed,
contributed to by its volunteers?  Does he realize that these said
volunteers have real jobs and real lives too, and that in this day and age
there are only so many hours in a day that each of us has to give to

Does he know that we are in the process of discussing redesigning the site?
Is he aware that one of our members has put a great deal of effort into
creating Information Architecture documentation for the entire evolt.org
community?  Does he realize we haven't even begun to discuss the IA and how
to implement it into the redesign?  All of these questions go back to my
first paragraph.

I appreciate constructive criticism.  Don't get me wrong.

But it takes volunteers to get it done... and that's not so easy to do.

Does this person want to volunteer to help out?  Is he interested in
discussion *why* things were done a year ago, and the further discussions on
how we can improve our areas of weaknesses within the redesign?

I'm waiting patiently to see some redesign concepts.  To discuss various
features for weo and the sub-sites.  To provide my input on these areas,
when requested.

Thanks for the forward .. even if it doesn't say anything new .. that we
already don't know.


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| >   I don't want to know what evolt users think of my
| >rant, or hear from the designer(s). What do you think
| >about it?

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