[Theforum] Not yet!, was Re: Changes to the VotingReqs document

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Feb 4 20:19:07 CST 2002

I really want to come back to this. This req doc was only for things
that needed to be part of the voting app. It does *not* address HOW we
vote. I'd like to get this nailed down and then move on to the hows of
our process.

However, I want to bring up the stuff you below and look forward to your
input on that matter very much!

- amanda

---RonL said:---
[However, the more I think about all of this the more I wonder about a
possible need for a more structured parliamentary procedure that
formally outlines (a) that everyone has the right to bring up an item to
be voted upon, (b) that explains how we 'end' the
"discussion/debate/bashing the idea around" phase {'Call for Question'
anyone?} //just trying to avoid the future "I wanted to vote on or have
my say about that - but <some reason> and I couldn't"//, (c) that covers
how we handle a 'motion' to 'amend' an item currently on the floor. That
kind of stuff.  I'm also starting to muse about the potential need for a

{I've been a "chairperson" and a "parliamentarian" and a "rapporteur" in
some very formal parliamentary sessions. When it works well - it works
very very well.  When it doesn't -- well, then it's not a scene fit for
'family viewing'...}

amanda at gawow.com + http://gawow.com

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