[Theforum] w.e.o vs. a.e.o and UEUE -- should I be afraid

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Feb 4 20:29:46 CST 2002

I'm not sure what I'm getting into asking these two things so... Please,
be gentle.

1. Is a.e.o (admin.evolt.org) dead? There was a voting app there and I
kind of liked the structure of having a separate place for business,
released largely from our own template design constraints on w.e.o. Plus
it had login/password for certain members only.

Someone said that the voting app would only go on w.e.o.


Is that the best place for it?

Will the app then be outside of our 'priv level' construct or more
closely align with it?

Am I missing something?

2. What the hell is a UEUE and should I be afraid of it? If everyone
knows what it is and I'm just the last to the party then...poopy, I

- amanda

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