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rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Feb 5 18:02:13 CST 2002

>Only Adrian hassles people for giving him low votes... ;)

i was wondering when somebody was going to mention ratings

aren't ratings a type of poll?


we gots votes, we gots polls, we gots surveys...

we gots anonymous, we gots accountable...

we have requirements and userids in redundant tables...

i'm kind of wondering why nobody has bothered to keep track of and update
the current requirements for the voting application

the current specs
(http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/VotingApplication) --

1. Poll questions and options must be subject to content management

2. Must be able to set a start and expire date

3. Must be able to have an arbitrary number of options - exclusive options
so radio button choice?

4. Results able to be displayed numerically and graphically. Whether it's
one, the other or both should be subject to content management

as you can plainly see, the discussion here on theforum has ranged well
beyond the above requirements

would someone kindly summarize the decisions so far?  and put the results
up there where we can all see what the moving target is?  because frankly,
six weeks from now, when it comes time to actually *develop* the damned
thing, *nobody* is going to want to wade through the archives to read all
of today's posts about it -- hell, i can't even read it all *today* and the
arguments are more or less still fresh in my mind (but we all know how
precarious that is, eh)


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