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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Feb 5 17:43:35 CST 2002

> Here's what I wrote earlier:
> However, it's important that we determine ahead of time what counts as
> compromised and what we need to do to protect that data as much as
> possible.

Add to Code of Conduct: don't trawl the DB or alter votes. Else lose
privileges and face public shaming or whatever.

But don't expect to need to use that. *shrug*

> I also wrote:
> I'd rather we just set it up with at the very least some checks and
> balances in the process.

There are checks. DB access is limited AFAIK to Dean, Dan, Matt, etc. People
with knowledge to maintain it, etc. We can't NOT have those people having
access. We can, and do, make sure that this access isn't distributed


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