[Theforum] Re: Move!

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Feb 6 21:21:51 CST 2002

> what i'm suggesting is that the people who took the survey aren't
> representative of all of our visitors and that it's most likely slanted
> towards the side of "visiting more often".

true dat, matt

in fact, if you read the comments, it is obvious that a large number of
survey responses are from people who have m.e.o space

no idea how large "large" is, just a guess on my part, but there ya go

also, there's no correlation between having m.e.o space and visiting w.e.o

i really wish we could've gotten a sense for what proportion of "joe
public" or "joe user" people (i.e. not subscribed to any lists) filled out
the survey

personally, i think we should cater all redesign efforts to members, but
i'm not really ready to discuss the difference tonight...  [kicks self in
ass for not having the users-vs-members issue documented yet]


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