[Theforum] Future WEO elements

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Wed Feb 6 18:46:43 CST 2002

I intend that this thread will hold discussion on future WEO elements (those
which we'll maintain from the current design, and those which we'll
introduce or adapt based on survey results).

Also, where they should go within a sectioned layout such as:

Many requests from the survey have been to improve what we have (more
content, etc), rather than specifically add new features. If anyone thinks
otherwise, please add to the list.

Existing elements which I assume we'll maintain:

 - branding
 - positioning
 - category nav
 - organisation navigation
 - general info (about/contact/etc)
 - search tools
 - latest articles
 - account tools
 - submit article
 - jobs
 - revived article
 - footer
 - admin tools
 - highest rated articles
 - hot discussions
 - latest comments

And maybe some we should include:

 - blog-style news
 - featured article

Some things which I think we should promote more heavily:

 - submit article
 - the lists

My breakdown of these elements to the categories in rough.gif is:

 - branding (organisation-wide)
 - positioning (org-wide)
 - category nav (site specific)
 - organisation navigation (org-wide)
 - general info (about/contact/etc) (site specific) *
 - search tools (could be either org-wide or site specific)
 - latest articles (content)
 - account tools (preferably org-wide)
 - submit article (site specific)
 - jobs (content)
 - revived article (content)
 - footer (org-wide and site specific) +
 - admin tools (site specific and content)
 - highest rated articles (content)
 - hot discussions (content)
 - latest comments (content)
 - blog-style news (content)
 - featured article (content)

* Organisation navigation will link to the wider info. The general info for
each site will, however, be different. For example, the contact for
food.evolt.org will be different to that of www.evolt.org. And similarly,
the FAQs for FEO will be different to those of WEO.

+ We may consider dual (small) footers. One site-specific, and one
org-specific. Obviously the latter will be positioned below/outermost.



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