[Theforum] Re: Move!

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 6 18:46:49 CST 2002

That's what I thought. So if our data says 3-10 days, we should plan
(primarily) for the 10-end rather than the 3-end?

Which was my suggestion -- that we cater to the 7-10-day visitors (and
perhaps try to get them coming weekly if anything? (scheduled content, etc).

> isaac wrote:
> >I'm not sure what you're suggesting.
> sorry.
> what i'm suggesting is that the people who took the survey aren't
> representative of all of our visitors and that it's most likely slanted
> towards the side of "visiting more often".
> IOW, it's probably safe to say that the more often one visits evolt, the
> more likely they are to have taken the survey. the less often one visits
> evolt, the less likely they are to have taken the survey.
> i'm just suggesting that we make sure we understand these results by
> considering the sample who took the survey. just that we keep it in mind
> that, to some extent, these results are inherently flawed. understanding
> HOW they are flawed will help us interpret them correctly.
> i explain that any better?

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