[Theforum] NFP status

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Feb 20 12:39:07 CST 2002

Erika Meyer wrote:

> Re: BOD, Elfur is the only one who resigned, as I recall.  But I
> thought she'd been re-instated.

For the record, I officially resigned from Admin and the BOD
simultaneously back in September, and I have not been reinstated to
either (nor have I requested reinstatement).

>> at any rate, its not a huge failure, and i think we all learned something
>> from it.
> yes, only... it did not have to be this way. I'd lie if I said I
> wasn't disappointed.  But I suppose you'all already knew that.

We learn from mistakes and try again. Thus are we evol(v/t)ing humans.
Onward through the fog!


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