[Theforum] calendar idea

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Feb 25 20:17:11 CST 2002

> [hey -- my first-ever contribution to theforum after a long lurk. enjoy.]

Slack bastard! ;P

> More importantly, if it's a tear-off calendar, how are you going to use it
> again next year, without a lot of dicking around with craft glue? And
> frankly, putting web developers anywhere near glue is A Really Bad Idea
> (tm).


Anyway, given that we want to include <tip>s and other space-occupying gear
(when I was stuffing around with that GIF, I actually had to look for a
while to find a CF tip from jeff/josh/judah that didn't run for about a
page...), what about more of a desk-blotter type thingy?

You know the ones that print companies dish out? A3 or so. Lots of space to
scrawl. Could go A4 so it'd be easy to ship across the world? I'd definitely
use that. Currently, I use a mixture of post-it's and the backs of
misprints, and it's pretty messy.


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