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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 9 18:47:39 CDT 2002

> I feel like that should go below the latest article. Also, how likely is

Good idea.

> it that we'll have an image to go along with the article theme. I like
> the idea but that seems a bit unweildy. (Unless you have a default image
> for each category but that could offend/confuse some people.)

The larger articles often spend some time in the queue. Given that it'd take
10 minutes for someone with a PSD template to come up with something, I
think that more often than not, creating a featured article header wouldn't
be insanely difficult.

> for the left-hand nav which just disappears for me. (Also, what is "news
> and articles" at the top left is that the current location?)

Yes. Lack of focus might come from it being a very unfinished design.

> As for what to do... I would pull out browsers, tips, lists, directory,
> members, food and put that elsewhere with expanded descriptions. I know
> that those are main categories of evolt stuff but they look really
> incongruous and I'm not sure why they are given such prominence.

They're universal evolt.org links and thus sit at the highest level.
Obviously they are yet to be styled.

> What happens if the blue divider is removed from between the top portion
> and the black nav bar?

Haven't tried it, but I'm sure it would add to the confusion.

> Shouldn't search be above log-in? Once you've logged in, if you click
> "remember me" then you are going to be most interested in searching when
> you come to the site.

No. The top block is universal evolt.org stuff -- our branding, our main
sites, and then the eventual universal login.

The search block is specific to each subsite (i.e., search recipes on FEO,
URLs on DEO, etc).

> Maybe I could play with the elements a bit? Let me know if that's coolio
> or if you have another draft in the works.

I've not had time to change anything since this GIF, so go for it!

> Also, is there a list of features/issues that we're tackling here. (I'm
> very sorry if this has been hashed, I am a bit lost at the moment.)

I can't remember the URL, but look through theforum archives for something
talking about "Future elements".

> > OK, the black bar pertains directly to the subsite.
> Subsite?

evolt.org's subsites: FEO, WEO, DEO, BEO, etc.

> But you're also doing a "you are here" thing in that black bar, right?
> Or is "news and articles" pertaining to evolt as a whole?

News & Articles is a descriptor for our primary subsite (WEO's content). The
links that follow it relate specifically to that: submit an article to WEO,
make a suggestion, read the FAQs, and Contact the admins. i.e., the contact
for WEO is not the contact for FEO or DEO or BEO. It's specific to this

> I do like that. You could just do a little thing underneath each one
> like so:
> 	Visual Design (6 new)

6 new since you last visited the site, or 6 new since you last looked in
that category specifically?

> I think they're cute. Isn't cute what we're going for? I'm pretty sure
> in our mission statement (correct me if I'm wrong) that evolt.org is
> dedicated to serving the web development community and to look cute
> while doing it. Yep, I'm looking right here at my manual and there's an
> amendment added last spring while the crocuses were blooming.

Hey, I don't mind them, but they made Rudy so grouchy...


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