[Theforum] Redesign

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 9 19:06:27 CDT 2002

OK, the key elements I have on my list are listed below. Though they're not
done so here, previously I've grouped them according to their positioning as
org-specific, subsite-specific, and other/content, etc.



category navigation

organisation navigation (FEO/BEO/DEO/etc)

information navigation (contact/FAQ/submit/etc)

search tools

account tools (either login, or once logged in: edit account, etc)

featured article

latest 5-10 articles

job listing

news listing

subsite footer (e.g., "DEO is a directory of member-submitted resources,
maintained by Simon. while every attempt is made to blah blah blah")

organisation footer (e.g., "evolt.org is a blah blah blah. information is
copyright blah blah blah.")

admin tools

highest rated articles (i'd rather see top10 than top5)

hot topics/comments

latest comments

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