[Theforum] evoltspotting

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Wed Apr 10 09:09:32 CDT 2002

At 07:04 PM 4/10/2002, aardvark wrote:
>i did that a few months ago -- requested a design *only* critique of
>algonquinstudios.com... got *great* feedback...

Yes, I remember that. I think I sent a 9.6K critique, to which you sent a
10K reply. I still ROFL when I think of that.

>and then no more threads, and i couldn't think of any more...

I'm going to rack my brains tonight to find some more "seeds". May I
request the others, as Rudy has already done, to do the same? We could
brainstorm offlist if you like.



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