[Theforum] Fwd: Hosting

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 16 10:23:10 CDT 2002

Honestly, I'm not really keen to the idea yet. I don't have time atm for
a full blown email, but here are a couple reasons..

Logicistically, it's a nightmare. We don't have a nice little easy to
move stack of 6 1u boxes. The collection of boxes we have right now
wouldn't even fit in it's own rack... heck, the m.e.o server ways 65 lbs
alone! it has casters cus its too damn heavy to pick up :) shipping just
it would be around $300-$400.

Maitenance wise, I don't know what they do for people/us. Most co-lo
providers charge around $150 an hour for a technican on site to
physically do anything to the machine. Would technican maintenence be
part of the deal as well? How would we handle parts donations? What if
someone donated 1Gb of RAM, or a new raid card.. It doesn't happen that
often, but it does happen.

On the same subject, these machines we have running parts of evolt are
certainly not the highest quality, 99.999% hardware uptime type boxes..
Hell, some of them are pieces of shit!! :)
But they're our pieces of shit, and they do break every once in a while,
and right now, I'm 5 minutes away, or Russ is 45 minutes away, or Jeremy
is 1 hour away, or the other Jeremy who works here now is 15 minutes
away. And I know there are people in LA, SD too, just none that I know
who can repair a hosed XFS partition.(nothing against anyone in LA/SD btw :)

Finally, as far as the company goes, I'm really not willing to dump all
of our boxes to a company thats been in business less than a year, no
one I know has ever heard of/delt with, and that comes to us looking to
sell something and ends up giving us a 1k/month service out of the
goodness of their hearts. I'm not trying to be negative about anything
btw, I'm just a realist. :)

Anywho, those are just all the negative things I see. If we were to ever
get serious about co-lo'ing, there are a number of people I know here
and on thelist who I trust a lot more than some random company.


Martin wrote:

> Sounds like a good plan.
> What do you think to co-lo in the longer term?

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