[Theforum] (was) let's kill it

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 17 19:47:04 CDT 2002

marlene asked me to repost this here, and since i love an audience...

> From: Marlene Bruce <marlene at members.evolt.org>
> >maybe call it the editorial team, but don't call it admin, because
> >that's a joke
> I agree. Let's kill admin. Having an "edit" team/list which handles
> articles is a great idea (and maybe even a separate "mail"
>  team/list). It would allow people truly interested to start fresh
> there while leaving behind the venom that's built up here. If
> there's a fork in the road and one path has an agitated rattler in
> it, choosing the other path might be best.

there is a fundamental flaw to this logic...

these new lists suggest admin should have a subset of the responsibilities it
once had... which means a number of admins feel they are now officially
having their admin abilities curtailed, even though that's been the de facto
case for a while...

if we create an editorial list for just article approvals and the like, then by no
means should anyone *not* on the list be able to see/edit/approve articles
(save for editing their own)... and adding new admins should also be

i don't believe that will happen... it doesn't happen now...

if we create a mail administration list, who decides who is on it? i've
repeatedly asked for the ability to help out with mailing list admin, and not had
it re-granted after having helped out in the distant past... others have been
given access that i haven't seen here or much elsewhere... i should be able to
get that access because i have done it, and i've been here, and i'll do it well...

i don't believe that will happen...

why won't this happen?  because it doesn't happen that way now...  we have
people who aren't on admin setting policy will-nilly, eschewing the input (if
even asking for it) of other founders of this organization...

the flaw is not with the group here, it's with the process of handing out access
and control, a policy that has long since been taken from here and made into
a closed policy... it is fundamentally flawed and in direct opposition to the
founding of evolt.org...

if the list gets split into these two lists you describe, i had damn well better be
on both and given the full rights of both, because i have asked and there is no
reason not to -- i've done it all in the past, and i know i can still do it...

IOW, if this gets me the ability to help out as i want, then go for it, it's just
another list i have to sort...

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