[Theforum] What do you want to do ? Faster, evolt, kill kill! Mi

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Apr 18 12:29:51 CDT 2002

Miriam wrote:

>  > And as far as I can tell, Evolt belongs to Dan Cody.
>  > As Cody goes, goes evolt.  The disorganization works well toward that
>  > end.  Disorganization, chaos... these are the conditions that cause
>  > people to follow a single (charismatic) leader.
>Whoa, there.
>Please refrain from those kind of accusations here,

what kind of accusation?  That evolt belongs to Dan?  Is that not a
legally defensible position?

Is there another legally defensible position?
I know you're smart Miriam, help me out.

>especially without backing them up.

1. Dan Cody owns evolt.org:


2. Disorganization as a tool for charismatic leader?
An opinion, but supportable.  Here's a bit, directed to nonprofit orgs.

"Chaos and disorganization masquerading as freedom may create
diversions that allow the manipulation of others."

etc.  (other statements backed up upon request)

>Let's talk about where we SHOULD be going and not devolve
>into attacks.

What does it matter what SHOULD happen if one person (or a small
hand-picked clique) can sabotage any effort made by the rest of the

Why bother?  Really?  Your power at evolt is whatever is granted to
you by one individual, or by the mob.

I think if everyone continues to ignore this basic problem, the
wheels will continue to spin in the sand...

but if you enjoy it...  keep going...



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