[Theforum] leadership

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 18 14:28:42 CDT 2002

> From: Ron Dorman <rwd at csi1st.net>
> > Sure, the pilot can take the plane wherever but if his crew isn't
> > willing to go along with him, there will be a crash. You need all
> > sorts of people doing things here and there and maintaining and
> > communicating. The pilot has shut the crew out.
> That's one perspective.  Another perspective is that part of the crew
> attempted mutiny.

i could see that *if* that crew operated behind the scenes, in a
closed environment, without consulting others, and giving full
access to the aircraft's controls...

but how can people on another boat mutiny on yours?

> I don't think access should be more widely distributed.  I think we
> should focus on getting useful processes figured out and defined.

we tried that... theprocess...

i agree *access* shouldn't be more widely distributed (that's just a
security nightmare), but who has it and how should be open to all,
and how access is granted should be open to all, not a personal

right now, i don't really know who has access or how they got it...
some of those with access have admitted they didn't know they
had it...  *there's* a process we could fix straightaway...

> That will allow for a better crew to be established and then
> distribute access where needed to support evolt.org.  Things get
> handled well enough as they are, we need to do other things with our
> time.

i don't agree that things get handled well enough as they are...  see
above on access, for one example...

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