[Theforum] questions?

javier velasco work at mantruc.com
Mon Apr 22 11:42:10 CDT 2002

rudy wrote:

>all i meant was that it is highly suspicious that all the knives come out
>when he's not around
i agree with rudy, altough it's also true that the subject was fired by
some issues
related to him coming down here, it's really sad the way they were
triggered by
his departure.

we all knew for already at least a month ago that this trip was going to
the only concern i saw in relation to who was taking over dan's duties was
an offlist note that _i_ got from Madhu (to which i didn't have answers)

i did talk very briefly to dan about what happened on theforum right
after he left
i told him that i shared most of your concerns and that i was also very
pissed by
some of the ways he did some stuff, most of his answers made a lot of
sense to me,
and as usually, i ended up feeling that both parties are right, but i
don't see a clear
way of meking them coincide (sp?)

i think that an actual evolt meeting might be very useful to clear some
things up
and have some forward progress, although there are still some issues where
 i don't see a likely solution, even after a face to face meeting.

as for why sometimes dan goes and works on stuff while the rest of us
are debating
on how do do it, it's because of the many times he's seen our projects
die in endless
debates for which nobody takes responsibility for. on other stuff dan
told me that
he is also tired of having to explain every thing he does.

so what i'm thinking about is to set up a kind of interview with him for
next wednesday
(when he returns from the south) so i could get him to explain some of
the things that
have all of us concerned, and then i post it here...

1) what do you think, would this be any help?
2) send in questions or topics to talk about (keep them to the point)

keep in mind that i must have to keep it short as possible, it's going
to be a very busy day
for all 4 of us.


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