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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 22 11:57:32 CDT 2002

> From: javier velasco <work at mantruc.com>
> >
> i agree with rudy, altough it's also true that the subject was fired
> by some issues related to him coming down here, it's really sad the
> way they were triggered by his departure.

dan's departure really wasn't the reason this started... if i can be so
bold to speak on why this all happened now, it's because there's
been a lot of friction for some time between a number of people...

dan's departure is only tangentially related insofar as the last straw
was the notification and handing out of access -- it was, to many, a
catalyst that wouldn't have happened if he *hadnn't* left, but didn't
happen *because* he left....

does that make sense?

i really don't think anyone who raised issues here is afraid to do
that while he's around (only because i've seen them raised many
times before)...

> i did talk very briefly to dan about what happened on theforum right
> after he left i told him that i shared most of your concerns and that
> i was also very pissed by some of the ways he did some stuff, most of
> his answers made a lot of sense to me, and as usually, i ended up
> feeling that both parties are right, but i don't see a clear way of
> meking them coincide (sp?)

both parties generally *are* right...

context is always lacking, as is face-to-face conversation... i tend
to agree with dan on a lot of his assertions, but i don't always like
the actions related to those...

IOW, i still believe this isn't dan bashing, this is something else
completely that he may take personally mostly because he's the
guy with the access (i say mostly because there is some palpable
anger toward dan, but that has seemed to subside now that we feel
we're making progress as a *group*)...

> i think that an actual evolt meeting might be very useful to clear
> some things up and have some forward progress, although there are
> still some issues where
>  i don't see a likely solution, even after a face to face meeting.

of course there will be issues, that's part of the reason we've
survived so well and so long...

> so what i'm thinking about is to set up a kind of interview with him
> for next wednesday (when he returns from the south) so i could get him
> to explain some of the things that have all of us concerned, and then
> i post it here...
> 1) what do you think, would this be any help?
> 2) send in questions or topics to talk about (keep them to the point)

i don't think this is necessary... again, it's not *us* against *dan*...
it's us talking about evolt.org, and dan should and will take part, but
he should do it here with the rest of us... dan is not evolt.org, we
*all* are, and i think that would only make things adversarial...

i would like to say that it will be clinical and there won't be attacks,
since it seems the venting is clear...

and i'd rather see us move forward, based on past experience, than
relive past experience...

> keep in mind that i must have to keep it short as possible, it's going
> to be a very busy day for all 4 of us.

have a drink for me...

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