[Theforum] Re: (was) let's kill it, kill, kill, kill!

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 22 20:15:41 CDT 2002

Rudy wrote:

>personally, i have no problem working in a situation without procedure,
>although i will be the first to admit that it's obscenely inefficient,
>wasteful, and demotivating

A number of us here have tolerated a situation that's been obscenely
inefficient, wasteful and demotivating for 3+ years.

We might be able to continue doing so.

The problem is that some of us don't want to have things plateau at
this stage. We see evolt.org as still being capable of many of our
various original visions.

If we're going to move forward with any chance of future success we
have to start getting the mistakes out of the way *now* so we can get
it right sooner.

Peter wrote:

>>2. Enough of the greater evolt family (including members of this
>>list) decide that the .org is as important as the "evolt" and works
>>for change. This is called democracy, and means that with the right
>>to participate in the running of evolt as an organization comes some
>>measure of responsibility towards seeing evolt thrive.
>Beautiful ideal, but how do you implement it? Through theforum?
>I'm all in favour of this idea, don't get me wrong, but how do you start
>this process of change without it becoming a chaos immediately?

As far as I can tell, we don't. We're in the very early stages of
bringing order. Before order has to come at least some chaos. I think
if people stay motivated (that's the truly difficult task ahead, to
keep each other motivated) we'll keep pounding away at this block of
stone until some cohesive image begins to emerge (or until it

The only way to side-step some of the chaos is to have someone who
has experience in this kind of order-establishing phenomenon step up
and guide us through the process. I wish I could claim to be that
person, but I'm not.

I will prod things occasionally, as needed. That seems to be my
once-in-a-while role here.

Save a guiding person or persons, or a list of principles, we'll have
to grow this out of the chaos.


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