[Theforum] Re: Monkey Groups

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Apr 24 16:09:53 CDT 2002

Amanada wrote:
>The Reqs wasn't enough to get thesite started

er... no, sorry. I was just saying that we got into a good bit of
technical discussion of details of the voting app in theforum and the reqs
reflect that to an extent (but not to an extent that would better
illustrate my point). Some of the more detailed discussion would be
handled in the groups, while the general requirements would be discussed
by the steering committee (or another group, then through the steering
committee, to the implementation group who would flesh out the technical

Let's say the financial group needs a Wookie. They need a Wookie that will
dress nicely and have dark brown hair and will do house cleaning. Those
are general requirements. The financial group passes that to the steering
committee or directly to the implementation group (whatever group that
is) and that group determines the Wookie's height, weight, hair length,
specific dress items, and shoe size - and then breed the Wookie.

All this was supposed to show my main point:

> Main point: I think the steering committee would be a little higher
> and the groups would be for fleshing out details and implementing

But, well, I didn't do a very good job in explaining it (still haven't).

Wookie Wuki Wiki,


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